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SKINNY PUPPY - the greater wrong of the right

Synthetic Symphony / SPV

Front 242 - Geography

Alfa Matrix

Void Kampf - Suck My Beat


Yelworc - Trinity

Baal / Soul Food

Front Line Assembly - Civilization

Synthetik Symphony / SPV

Fixmer/McCarthy [Destroy/Freefall]

Planet Rouge / Neuton

Front Line Assembly - Maniacal

Synthetik Symphony / SPV

Allied Vision - O.S.Bandwith

Intracraneal Possession / Audio Globe

And One - Aggressor

Virgin (EMI)

Velvet Acid Christ - Pretty Toy


Spetsnaz - Grand Design

Subspace Communications

Decoded Feedback - Shockwave


Zentriert im Antlitz - Genozid

Cop International

Sonar - Volt Control

DAFT Records

Wumpscut - Preferential Tribe


Tactical Sekt - Geneticide


Front 242 - Pulse

XIII Records

Sleepwalk - Retospect

Darkdimensions Scanner